Telegram portable

At this page you can download Telegram for Windows Desktop. All PC versions: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP operating system. But first let us explain what is Portable? When we came to visit our friends  or work in fact we use other people's computers.

And often we need a program in the form in which it is set at home. If using all the documentation is usually simple - copy on a flash drive and play back on another computer, how to be with the program settings?

Or program which we need can not exist… To avoid this,here are portable program (differently - Portable version), that is, programs that are not required for anything but itself. All settings, such programs are not stored in the registry, and its files.

Telegram portable 2  

Portable programs can run at the same time being in any folder. If the program does not have its own installer - it does not mean that it is portable. It is above all this should not apply to the registry and other places on your hard drive.

Portable versions are usually distributed in the archives. For the start of work of  the program it is enough to extract the files from the archive into a folder. Here are create a portable software by enthusiasts. They are doing so that the program did not apply beyond its folder.

For example, the program uses a common register - specialists do so that the program does not write its settings in the registry and to the file. But if the registry is badly needed, then a special code when you start the setup registers in the register, and after closing pours back into the file.

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