Telegram for Windows

We are glad to tell you that the application Telegram has computer version. So now you can easily download Telegram to your pc, if you have such operating systems: Windows 7,8, Vista, XP.

Having computer version of your favourite app you will be able to communicate with your friends with better conditions. First of all because of the size of the application. It is really more comfortable to communicate if you have big screen and enjoy watching photo, video and other files fully.

 telegram for windows 2  

After downloading Telegram to your computer you will have full version. Communication will go to another better level. In fact you will have the same options, but they will be done faster and in better quality. You will see your chats on big screen, you will have an opportunity to see received photos in high resolution, watch video immediately and do other things.  

Also we should say to you that you can do not afraid that somebody will read your chats. Telegram messages are heavily encrypted and can self-destruct. It means that you can lead even very  serious chat and be sure that no one soul except you and your interlocutor will not read it.

Also all messages they are very secure - application keeps your chats safe from hackers. There was a situation when Pavel Durov promised to give 100 000$ to that hacker, who will decrypt a conversation of Durov and his brother. No one did.