Telegram for PC

We are having good news for you! Now Telegram is available for download to pc. You can easily download Telegram if you are owner of the next operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista. This full computer version of your favourite program will open new horizons for you. Now you can communicate with your friends using full screen of your PC. Full version gives you more opportunities and with bigger comfort.  

We need to say that except this full-screened version you will get other advantages. For example, power: this application has no limits on the size of media or chats. And it means that you can easily send any files you want: photo, video, audio, documents - anything!

Besides, Telegram is completely free: you will not have to pay money for using it, not now nor later. The only thing for which you will have to pay money - is the Internet traffic. Also you need to know that Telegram is cloud-based - it lets you access your messages from multiple devices.

telegram for pc 2

So you can easily continue a conversation which started on mobile device, but now you continue it on computer or notebook.    

So, after installing Telegram for computer version you will enjoy communication in a full size: big chats, full screen, immediate messaging and other facilities. Pay your special attention to chats: you can create groups and add up to 200 people.

It is very convenient when you want to discuss something with a great amount of people. Besides, you need to know that all conversations are secure and saved from hackers, so even if you will discuss very confidential information - no outsiders will read your correspondence.