Telegram for iPad

On this page you can download Telegram for iPad. This is the first step for the world of communication with Telegram. Today Apple devices won hearts of thousands of users. Not only computers, notebooks, telephones, but also tablets. With such a compact user-friendly technology it is very convenient  to come to the client  and to present a design or website.

For example, in the cafe you can easily show videos or photos, or you can just watch a movie, go out on the Internet, chat on instant messenger and respond to mail without leaving the couch. Ipad is convenient while traveling. You can insert the card into the iPad and view photos on an excellent display in the field.      

Many users and fans of  the application Telegram will appreciate the appearance on the AppStore version for Ipad. Until today, to respond to the message by using the tablet, it was necessary to launch a mobile version of the application, which is not very convenient.

telegram for ipad 2

As many have noted, the version has not been fully worked out, it basically is a mobile version of the application only stretched for  the long diagonal. Few downed interface, some of the icons are on other places and find them difficult at first. As for the basic functions of the application Telegram for Ipad, they remained completely unchanged.

The active group and private chats for communication, transmission and reception of images, black list, notification, sending a location, change the background dialogs and avatars - all functions familiar to users of Telegram for Iphone. Telegram works perfect and this is the most important thing.

Download Telegram for iPad