Telegram for Blackbery

On this page you can download Telegram for Blackberry tablet. Now this application is in free access and everybody can download and use it. Telegram is a good analogue of a well-known Whatsapp but it is better. It is more smart application and with bigger facilities.   

To start conversation here is very easy. You just need to open contacts and choose needful interlocutor. As you will see, those contacts from your list who already have installed Telegram will be in the beginning of the list.

Those who don't have Telegram - will be under those who have. So, you chose interlocutor and opened dialogue window. You can see that in the bottom there placed a clip: press on it and you will be offered to send any file: photo, video, audio, location or documents. Besides you can send smiles: they show any emotion that can be.

 Telegram for Blackberry tablet 2   

Security of your chats demand separate topic. Developers of Telegramm application pay special attention to security of chats. Despite the fact that all these secret messages pass through a central server, the history of such messages is not stored there. Company developer guarantees its users that the personal information of the account not under any circumstances will be given to third parties. 

As stated, many users who have already tested the project Telegram claimed that it is the most reliable messenger on the market, because it retains its performance even in areas with limited or weak internet connection.

Download Telegram for Blackberry