Telegram for Android

On this page you can easily download Telegram for Android version. But let us first talk about Telegram app. It is special application due to which you can easily communicate with your friends, send different files to them and keep in touch. Nowadays there are a lot of applications, due to which you can communicate.

But Telegram is different. Its secret is in its weight. It is not overloaded by different functions, which will stop some processes. Telegram is quite light and this means that you will send information as fast, as possible.

To start conversation is very easy. But let us describe everything step by step.First of all you need to download and install this application to your Android. You need to open App store and  type there “Telegram”.

Telegram for android

When you will see a familiar sign - press download. After this the application will be downloaded and installed to your Android. Then you will have to press the installed icon. So after entering into the application you will see a list of opportunities. To start a conversation you need to open contacts. Here will be the whole list of your contacts who also uses Telegram.

So the only thing you will have to do is to open needful contact and write “Hello”.     

As you can see it is very easy to be in touch with friends. You just to need download Telegram to your Android. Also due to this program you can send different files. How to do this - very easy.

At the bottom you can see a clip - press on it.  You will be offered to make a new photo, or choose photo or video which already exists. Also you can send audio files, your location or share contacts. Telegram is really useful and intuitively understandable program.

Telegram for Android